Allergy - what to do?

Dr. Krassimir Shelev, specialist in integrative biological medicine, in the second interview with Selda Tatli on the possibilities with hay fever and Co.

(broadcast from 24.02.2019)

The origin of all diseases lies in the intestines, says an old natural wisdom.
Our intestines have a huge surface area of 250 - 300 m2, with many folds and villi, as big as a tennis court. The cause, in the origin, is usually in infancy and early childhood, when the immature body is confronted with a lot of foreign proteins and causes an increased immune response of the body.

We know quite well that toxic loads caused by heavy metals play a role as possible causes. The mercury of amalgam fillings, aluminium, nickel, but also microbial toxins from the roots of filled teeth are just as dangerous and can disturb our regulation. We also know that vaccinations can also be a factor. Many children get eczema after the vaccinations, as an expression of an allergic reaction. This means that we have to eliminate the vaccination toxins and get to the cause.

Conventional medicine treats almost exclusively symptomatically. It does not take into account the connections between chronic diseases and intestinal problems, between chronic diseases and tooth foci. The aggressive drug therapy suppresses the intestinal flora. The anaerobic acidification flora of the intestine, i.e. Lactobacillus Bifidus, Enterobacteriaceae, must be built up, and this is where we must start primarily.

We will examine you in detail and create an individual treatment plan. We will start with a change of diet and some habits. We take great care that acidosis is not permanent. We recommend a hypoallergenic diet, where more attention is paid to trace elements and vitamins. The elimination procedures also play an important role. The liver and kidneys must be stimulated. Mostly we start with herbal remedies, such as goldenrod tea, wormwood tea. Acupuncture, bioresonance and orthomolecular medicine are added. Very often we also use chlorella, spirulina and turmeric products to really strengthen the immune system.

A permanent deacidification only works with an adapted healthy diet. If this would not be possible, then we have to use base salts additionally in order to really keep the pH value always in the optimal range.