Back Pain

"Walk without pain."

"I went to the Lindaren naturopathy practice in Winterthur, this with severe back pain. After the first consultation Mrs. Leistner informed me about the task of leeches. The leeches would be placed in the pain area and after biting on them, they would first release various active ingredients. The effect of the leeches is such that the inflammation is transported away via the blood and lymph channels.

I went to the agreed date and had the leeches attached. After only three hours I felt much less pain. After this therapy I could walk for 10 days with less or no pain.

My doctor has now given me a new diagnosis that the severe pain in my back is due to the wear and tear on my intervertebral discs. Unfortunately I could not continue the above mentioned therapy. But the inflammation and tension were no longer present, thanks to the leech therapy.

I can really recommend this naturopathy practice Lindaren."

Bruno Nauer