Detox, detoxification for allergies

Dr. med. Krassimir Shelev, pain specialist painrelief, treats Selda Tatli in front of the camera with ozone self-blood therapy and acupuncture.

(broadcast from 10.03.2019)

The blood is extracted, enriched with an ozone-oxygen mixture and later returned.
We wait until the blood is reinfused. But we can start the second treatment we planned today at the same time. That is acupuncture. This is a very suitable treatment, also for patients with allergies. For this purpose we use small disposable needles. These are placed at specific points on the body. They are very fine and are normally hardly felt. The needles stay in place for about 20 - 30 minutes. They are lightly stimulated from time to time. In this case we talk about allergy. We will place them at some of the typical points: this is colon 4 and colon 11. We also train our patients to acupressure these points themselves at home. This means that you can press this point with small circular movements and light pressure with the other hand; exactly in the elevation, vertically between thumb and forefinger, this point is located.

The second point is also from the colon meridian. We know the colon and lung meridians are two partner meridians. They are very often stung in combination. The large intestine meridian runs up to the nose. This is the last point of the colon that is responsible for opening the nose and the paranasal sinuses. In this case we will do without this point, but we can show it once. This is exactly this nasolabial fold.

We'll now proceed with colon point 11. It's right in the crease here at the elbow. Take a deep breath. With a circular motion I inserted the needle. There are also good points on the head which are pricked supportingly. This is once in the upper area. Here we combine in this case body acupuncture with cranial acupuncture according to Yamamoto. This is used very often. One can also combine ear acupuncture and skull acupuncture. We also use this needle. This is the point that also stimulates the pituitary gland reflectorically. Actually, that's four points, but we'll just put a needle in at the end. On the midline at the very back is the LG20, which is also good for stabilizing the middle. The needles stay for about 20 - 30 minutes and are stimulated with circular movements from time to time.

These are two very common therapies for allergies. With the ozone treatment we also promote the elimination of many toxins and allergens. Therefore the combination is very good. Of course there are other detoxification methods that are integrated in the plan, but this was an example to show how to combine two methods.

In the acute stage, 3 - 4 treatments are usually absolutely sufficient to achieve freedom from symptoms. In the case of chronic complaints this is also repeated. We recommend that the ozone treatment is carried out three times in a row for a short period of time. Then we have a stronger effect. Later we can also extend the intervals.
Our allergy patients in acute condition receive acupuncture almost every day or every other day. We have also found that it is much better if we also use acupuncture preventively. This means that we order the patients 3 - 4 weeks before the pollen season starts so that the whole system is prepared.

There are no contraindications. We recommend a detox twice a year. Once in spring, once in autumn to get the body's own detoxification systems going.