Spiritual Healing

Energetic healing and spiritual healing

Professor Dr. med. Jakob Bösch speaks about the different forms of spiritual healing and explains the "kind heart".
(broadcast from 25.08.2019)

There are many devices for measuring energies. With certain things we know that they are, for example, light radiation of the hands. This is relatively safe and has been researched. But many of these devices measure something, for example the aura, that is also a radiation, and many other things, but we don't know exactly what it is.

So psychosomatics of course means that our consciousness or subconsciousness acts on the body. There are people who have any discomfort, pain and so on, but there is nothing physical that medicine can represent or treat. Then you are a bit perplexed and say that it is psychosomatic. And today you still have the nice diagnosis somatoform disorder. But actually you think it's all psychological. These are all hypotheses, however, and cannot really be proven conclusively.

Possibly. It is so that there are really processes which I would call miracle healing myself. But I must emphasize again that this is not the rule. And I would say, clear healings where I can really stand behind it and say, this has now happened with the highest probability, due to an influence of other people or by another person, is maybe 10%. Improvements are certainly still to be found to a greater extent.

To them I say, "Go in peace." I don't have to convince them. Everyone can live his conviction and find his own way. If anyone wants my advice, if I need to clarify a situation, I'm happy to do so. But the skeptics have their place. They motivate us to be a little more critical and to observe more carefully.

Maybe I'm taking a leap here. I say, actually, in my belief, every human being has healing powers. And there is a way I represent where I say that every person on earth, of every faith, in every conviction can actually use them. And to that I say 'the kind heart'. That we strive to have a kind heart. There is much in it. We cannot enumerate it here, we do not have time for it. But every person can see, can I see this world with kindness, can see other people, even those who have done evil to me (so-called evil). Can I do that? And those who can, I claim, who notice that it is getting brighter. Where before it seemed perhaps difficult and dark and perhaps even hopeless, if they succeed in realizing what I call with the kind heart, sometimes perhaps for a few minutes, and then you have to try again, a next time and again. But these people, I would say, experience almost without exception that they themselves have healing powers.