Vital and medicinal mushrooms.

Today we are Bossard in the practice and talk to Michael Bossard and Sara Limacher about medicinal mushrooms / vital mushrooms.
Because they are well known in the Chinese medicine. Especially the Cordyceps is very well known and is considered one of the strongest mushrooms.

(broadcast from 03.06.2018)

So the Cordyceps works so great on the kidney energy and the kidney is our fire our essence

And thus we reach all elements and any interactions we can control from the kidneys.

What is more, it is like everything else, even this can have contraindications.

It is therefore important that it is looked at by a professional and prescribed according to the patient's needs

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of cheating in this profession. And because the cordyceps is so rare, it's a good idea to mix in a little. So please, order only from a specialist shop.

I find it very great for deficiency diseases - so for deep exhaustion, for people who sweat spontaneously, for people who are susceptible to infections, or for back pain. There is of course also the kidney fire, which is missing and therefore the back hurts.

And with the latest studies it has also been found to have a great effect on cholesterol. That it can also contribute to a certain reduction there. That it's great for the cardiovascular system

And it also works great on the smooth muscles.

And Cordyceps is also known as a natural potency and libido enhancer.

It's like this: you can ask yourself what possibilities a vital mushroom like this has. I think you have to remember that the well-known penicillin, for example, is also a vital mushroom in its origin.

And much earlier it was discovered and economically promoted that today is still one of the best known prescribed antibiotics. Vitalpilz means, even if it is a natural product, that it can have very intensive good effects.

Concerning libido, what the Cordyceps does is not only support on a physical level, but it also leads to relaxation on a mental, emotional level, which is important for a successful and happy love play, so that not only the physical aspect works, but also that you are free in your mind and can live your lust.

What the cordyceps does in concrete terms is that it works equally well on hormones in men and women. Sara already mentioned it, it is effective in a vaso-opening area. The blood circulation can be improved and accordingly we naturally have all the positive effects that we need to be happy in the area of sexuality.

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