Aesthetic medicine

Result of cryolipolysis (2/2)

In the second part Roland Wagner and Fabienne Lanz show you the result of the cryolipolysis treatment.

(broadcast from 09.07.2018)

It depends on the zones we treat and how many treatments we do. We clarify this in advance during a free treatment consultation and show everything accordingly. You cannot say it all at once.

No, I don't really feel it.

The risks are excluded beforehand in an anamnesis interview.

This blue moon that we see here, that's from the vacuum, that can happen, the reddening is also quite normal, and everything goes away again after two or three days.

Exactly, this is a very good supplement, just as we have done here after the treatment, because it circulates the area with the fat cells immediately after this cold treatment and it mobilizes these fat cells, because they were trapped in these places after, sometimes decades, and now it is about mobilizing this direction of the large lymphs.

This is now of course individual, depending on the metabolism of each person, which is very personal that means that Andy may notice after 3 weeks already how this has changed.

The belt can be tightened, the pants are wider and of course you can speed it up by tuning up the lymphatic system, as they say, i.e. a little more exercise, but above all also additional preparations that stimulate the lymphatic system, the fat metabolism or promote this elimination.

e.g. these Lindaren products, which we see here in the back, these mineral salts or the whole algae preparations are to be recommended to the customers absolutely.

Dear viewers, even with this seemingly simple treatment method, it is advisable to use qualified personnel, as they work exclusively with certified and approved equipment.