Trust & competence for your needs

Our stylish naturopathy practice illustrates and lives a philosophy of trust in people and in the competent treatment of each patient. We offer a variety of therapeutic services based on highly qualified complementary medical care. In addition, energetic and mental questions are important basics of our field of activity.

The breadth of our range of services, the high quality of our work, our striving for further development and finally the flexibility and reliability of our practice as a service provider ensure the attractiveness for our

The needs and expectations of our patients are the orientation and benchmark for our actions. The human being and his or her wholeness is the focus of our work. The way we deal with our patients is characterised by empathy and competence, and we attach great importance to open communication. In the interest of our patients, we maintain a close, trusting and always collegial cooperation with the referring general practitioners and specialists in other fields as well as with the clinics.

We act as a reliable, correct and economically responsible cooperation partner for all cost units.

Economic action is a necessity of every practice as a company. Therapeutic success and economic results guarantee the existence of the practice. We see an obligation in both.

We attach great importance to a good working atmosphere in our practice. Understanding each other's concerns is the prerequisite for a trusting cooperation.

We rely on well-trained and enthusiastic employees. Thanks to responsible and exemplary practice management, our therapists have the opportunity to use their individual skills and experience their appreciation. At the same time, the professional and personal development of our employees is constantly promoted through internal and external qualification measures. As a result, our therapists show a far above-average willingness to work and apply their knowledge and skills to the continuous development of the practice.

The success of our practice results from the commitment of the entire team.

Your Selda Tatli