The invisible danger to health

Programme on the subject of electrosmog with the international health scientist, Prof. Dr. Karl Nesser
(broadcast from 12.01.2020)

The electromagnetic radiation is harmful to all biological systems of our body. We're surrounded by, and I'd say we live in a forest of radiation. It starts with the clock radio, the hair dryer, the microwave, lots of horsepower in the car and of course the mobile phone. These are radiations that can damage our tissues. There are some very interesting studies. One from Vienna with mobile phones, from which it was seen that these radiations can penetrate relatively deep into the brain and deform the nerve cells there. Some of these nerve cells then take hours to regain their original shape. In this study there were even broken rods, which could be proved, and that is something that makes us think.


Rod break refers to the DNA. This is a chain, a DNA strand or rod, where these breaks can occur. So the DNA is no longer a single strand, but there are breaks in this DNA strand.

5G means that there is an even greater density of radiation. This also means higher frequencies, some of which are needed to connect machines in industry. So that you can watch television while travelling by train, for example. The question is, of course, whether it really needs that? It's simply a compression, whereby this radiation penetrates the fabric less densely, such as 2G or 3G or 4G. What is not said, however, is that this radiation can increase the temperature in the tissue quite decisively, sometimes to over 1 degree. This of course leads to inflammation in the tissue and in the longer term certainly to the development of probably cancerous diseases.

The temperature rise is probably more harmful than a lower one. But it's mainly a matter of dosage. Paracelsus says, "The dose makes the poison". It's just important to react correctly. There's not much you can do. But in any case, as far as I am concerned, I don't want a 5G antenna on the roof of my house, and I don't want a 5G antenna near me. To say that this is harmless for humans and animals is a very bold statement. We have two very recent studies, one from America and one from Italy, where rodents have been exposed to these mobile rays for several hours a day. It has been clearly shown that this has contributed to the development of cancer.

That's right. Some people are more electrosensitive than others. This is perfectly normal, like people who catch cold more often and others less. What to do, I always recommend a so-called digital diet. Switch off the phone as often as possible, especially in the evening and on weekends, and never press it all the way to your ear, but always keep a certain distance. This already reduces the radiation intensity. Closed rooms are also not ideal, and certainly not in the lift.