What is spagyric? Part 2

Hans Josef Fritschi in interview with Selda Tatli - Part 2

Broadcast from 17. 11. 2019

The big advantage I see in spagyric is the individualization. In orthodox medicine you slowly get the hang of it. It is already called "personalized medicine". Spagyric has been doing this for a long time. And we have the possibility, if we now have many individual essences, from many remedies, from plants, from minerals, etc., then we can put together a recipe, i.e. a mixture, for each patient or customer, just as it suits him. This means that he does not get the off-the-peg product, but a tailor-made suit. You can practically create a suit that fits the individual quite well. And it can happen that someone comes with a rheumatic pain in his knee, he gets a completely different mixture than another person who also has knee pain. Because it is just different.

There are of course certain similarities to homeopathy: stimulus, response, energetic. There are similarities. One difference from the theoretical, of course: the substructure, the natural-philosophical substructure. In homeopathy we have pure experience through the principle of similarity, and in spagyric we have the connection to these alchemical principles of dissolving and reconnecting. And above all, in homeopathy, especially in single remedies, classical homeopathy, we try to find a single remedy, the so-called simile, which fits exactly. In spagyric we also want something that fits exactly. But we don't look for it somewhere, we try to find it together, to compose it. I have the image of the mosaic, that could fit, this could fit, so and so and so. Then an overall picture emerges, so to speak.

The mineral essences have their own production. This is the manufacturing process according to Glückselig, and it works after multiple distillations. Of course, you first have to dissolve something like that. You can't simply say, now we do a distillation. It is of course finely crushed, pulverized, and then it is dissolved. There are solvents. In spagyric, you use mainly organic acids. Then it dissolves and practically a new substance is created, i.e. not a substance but a solvent, which is now distilled several times. This means that in this distillation the energy is separated from the matter of the iron meteorite or any other substance. I distil off, I have the energetic part and the material part remains. I do this several times, I give the energy back and I do it again. It is always practically such a breathing: away - back - solve et coagula - spao agairo. So one teaches the iron meteorite practically that it always dissolves and reconnects, and that it should then do the same in the organism, return the energy of the superior one, the organism, the inner doctor. Quite simply spoken: To give energy to the Inner Physician. One could describe it like this.

Spagyric has its own application method: the mouth spray. The solution/essence is in a bottle, but there is no dropper on it, but a spray attachment. And the essence or mixture that you have made is then practically sprayed into the oral cavity. It's like a mouth and throat spray. The advantage of the whole thing is that the essence or mixture is sprayed in thousands of tiny droplets, and these many thousands of droplets are deposited all over the mouth cavity and go down to the throat. Especially with essences that are important for the immune system, for sore throat, colds, etc., the essences immediately meet a component that is also important for the immune system, throat ring, parts of the lymphatic system. This means that with this application we can bring the spagyric directly to where it is needed, or in the case of other illnesses we can make it immediately absorbable, so that the entire oral cavity becomes practically a surface for absorption. And the essence goes immediately into the organism.