The source of power

The source of strength with Roman Wüest

Broadcast from 20. 10. 2019

We are here in the Obwalden countryside, with these blue-green colours that we see here, which are really calming. You can recharge your batteries here. Then of course our house, which can give you support in many areas. I think the best thing is to show you this.

We are here in the beautiful "Stockmannstube". As you can see, it's quite historic in here. It all started 120 years ago, of course, when this house was a drunkard's asylum. There was a doctor, Peter Anton Ming, who said that you have to do something against drunkenness and who decided to open such an institution. When he died, he was a very special person, that didn't really live on. The drinking establishment, was perhaps then also a bit outdated. Then comes the second story, and because of this story this is now called "Stockmannstube". So we are connected to the Stockmann family here. They had the idea that the poor rural population, in addition to the care they receive in the hospital, must also have the chance to help themselves without having to bear the high costs of the hospital. And that is why the "Sarnen sisters" were created. So the various farmer's daughters from the area have been enabled to nurse at home before they get married. They learned how to connect things, how to apply hygiene to a wound, how to do all this so that the family can survive, with different household options. They made this something like a school of life for these young women. This has developed from 1903 to the present day. Unfortunately, this has come to an end in 2011, because Switzerland then distributed the diploma in nursing differently at national level. That's when we came to the rescue of this institution and have now reopened the Kurhaus am Sarnersee for about seven years. Now we have simply lost heart and soul in here, just like the Stockmann family did back then.

I think that this is related to the history of the cures. In the past it was very fashionable, you had all sorts of possibilities, it was simply trendy to cure, if possible with cure shadows and everything. Then it came into an age where it became a bit dusty. One has lost one's footing in modern society. We are now convinced that kuren is becoming modern again. We also notice that people have access to it again, that they want to do something good for themselves, and kuren has picked up again, you can see that very clearly. But it is no longer the case that people want to go to such a "hermitage". One wants to go to a hotel with all the amenities of today's gastronomy. We have more than a third of the guests who spend their holidays here. At the same time, there are of course two thirds who spend a spa stay here for some reason or another. They want to recover, or they need instructions after an operation on how to get back to their everyday life. There are many different reasons. But of course after a stressful everyday life it is pure holiday here - totally beautiful here

Obwalden has the great advantage that we are located right in the centre of Switzerland. There's something like a primordial nature here. We have these traditions here that are being revived. We have young people who are back at the yodel club. You can tell there is still something like a primordial feeling here. You can also feel this urchigeness in our house. Not necessarily that there is simply country music here, but you notice that these people are really grounded here at the core. I think that's something special, this friendliness, this openness, the approach to each other - you are here in the country.

Roman, it is really beautiful here with you, I have enjoyed the time very much, thank you very much!